Please review the questionnaire below and notify us of any concerns that would prevent your lash lift.


1.   Do you have any allergies or sensitivity to eyelash tint?

      *If YES, you are eligible for the lash lift but not the lash tint.  


2.   Do you have any seasonal or scent allergies?

      *If YES, we recommend you take an anti-histamine (ie: Benadryl, Reactin, etc.) prior to your treatment appointment, to  

       prevent an allergy attack or persistent sneezing/watering eyes during the treatment.

      *If YES, please let us know and we will ensure no aroma therapy scents will be used or detected for your comfort.


3.   Are you pregnant or nursing?

      *If YES you are pregnant and/or nursing, you are not eligible for the lash lift. Yumi™ does not promote the use of its products        during pregnancy or nursing. 


4.   Do you wear contact lenses?  

      *If YES, please remove the lenses before having the lash lift. You may put them back in after the lash lift has been  

       completed. We recommend you wear glasses to the appointment.


5.   Do you have a special event to attend in the next 48 hours?

      *If YES, this may not be the ideal time to have the lash lift. Please refer to #3 of Treatment Preparation below. 


6.   Do you suffer from any neck or back pain?

      *If YES, please consider you will be laying flat for a period of 60 to 90 minutes.


7.   Are you comfortable to close your eyes for a period of 60 to 90 minutes?

      *If NO, you are not eligible for the lash lift.


8.   Are you comfortable with someone working close to your eyes for a period of 60 to 90 minutes?

      *If NO, you are not eligible for the lash lift.


9.   Clients with any form of eye infection or serious eye condition are NOT eligible for a lash lift.  


10. If you are sick the day before your appointment or on the day of, please let us know. Upon the technician's discretion,  

      we reserve the right to reschedule or request you to wear a mask during the appointment.


Treatment Preparation


1.   NO contact lenses. NO lash extensions.


2.   NO eye make-up of any kind. Please do NOT use an eyelash curler the day before or on the day of your appointment.     

3.   We recommend you shower just before your lash lift appointment. Lashes must be kept dry for 48 hours after receiving

      treatment. The Yumi™ products remain active for 48 hours after the treatment. If the lashes are washed, the treatment will

      not be effective and results cannot be guaranteed. (If you cannot commit to this, please consider rescheduling your lash lift.)


**In the event you cannot attend your appointment, please provide 24 hours notice.**

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