Benefits - Why Choose Yumi?


  • Results last 6-10 weeks

  • Easy and convenient - renew approximately every 2 months

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Paraben free

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Animal cruelty-free

  • Keratin infused products

  • Sport and activity proof

  • Great for vacations and travelling

  • Suited for women and men of all ages and lifestyles

  • Suited for thick, long, short, dark, blonde, curly, straight, sparse, delicate lashes

  • Results look and feel natural

  • No maintenance; wake up and go

  • No lash extensions; no bi-weekly fills

  • No fake lashes; no harmful adhesives; no removal required

  • No lash growth serums required (however may still use if desired)

  • NOT a standard lash lift/lash perm - no harsh chemicals

  • No mascara required

  • No traditional eyelash curler

  • Flexibility with wear (ie: ready-to-go lifted and tinted lashes; wear mascara for a more dramatic look; wear false lashes for extra drama; compliments lash extensions when natural lashes are too straight or aim downwards.)

Other lash lift enhancement techniques cannot compete!


At Yumi™ Flare, we believe that beauty can be safe, easy, carefree and minimalistic which is why we are proud to specialize in the Yumi™ lash lift, exclusively using Yumi™ products made in France. Only those trained and certified by a Master Yumi™ trainer have the skills and precision crucial for exceptional results. With products that are hypoallergenic, paraben free, formaldehyde free, animal cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals, we want to share with you the ease and convenience this lash lift treatment offers. Yumi™ lash lifts provide classic, timeless and natural beauty to your natural lashes which is one of several reasons why we choose Yumi™ brand products. We are addicted to the response and excitement expressed by our clients upon seeing the results of their lash lift! Not to mention, we love the confidence boost that a Yumi™ lash lift provides for our lash beauties of all ages. What are you waiting for - try a Yumi™ lash lift today!

Origins of Yumi Keratin Lash Lift

Yumi™ Lash is a luxury keratin lash lift; a Swiss technology that enhances your natural lashes. It is a great alternative to false lashes, lash extensions, growth serums, lash perms and lash curlers.

It was founded in 2008 by Sandra Viglino, a dermapigmentologist and permanent make-up artist. Her passion for her work led her to formulate Yumi™ Lash lift, a safe and effective solution to boost and lift the natural eyelashes. The launch of this new lash enhancement has been a genuine revolution in Europe since it's creation. However it wasn't until early 2016, that Yumi™ was finally introduced into Canada, where its popularity continuously grows.


Made in France, the first-born of the brand, Yumi™ Lashes, followed by Yumi™ Tints. Yumi™ is an innovative, topical range reserved for professionals. The products contain keratin which aid in restoring and strengthening your natural lashes and help to maintain the lash lift results, unlike other standard lash lifts. Yumi™ products are a remarkable point of reference in terms of quality, beauty and authenticity and it is an advanced technique that proves itself with lasting results.

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